Friday, 14 July 2017

A new cast iron pan

I bought a cast iron pan that should work for Takoyaki - Japanese Octopus balls.
The ones you can get on the Internet from Japan are only working on gas stoves or with special burners. I needed one to work on an induction hob.
That is not so easy to manage.

Takoyaki pans are not available. An alternative are the Poffertjes pans, a pancake specialty from the Netherlands. But the individual molds are not deep enough for balls. And most of the pans are not working on induction hobs too.
In the end I found a Förtiespfanne. This is for preparing escargots.
A cast iron pan needs to be heated up to max for the first time before you use it,  I did that and cooled it down and cleaned it again.

I wanted to try it with some Pizza balls first.
I made the batter and chopped salami and onion, grated some cheese and took some mushroom slices out of a jar.
I oiled the moulds and the top of the pan.

Filling up the moulds was easy and I let it set 2  minutes. It started to smell good.

With a wooden skewer I started to loosen the batter around the edges and tried to get some batter off the mould.
Now the disaster started and the batter stuck to the pan.

I will try it again!

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