Sunday, 7 January 2018

A light 2 course seafood lunch

After rich food the couple of weeks I was looking for a light Saturday lunch.
2 courses as a light lunch does not sound right, but without added sides like rice or pasta it counts in my eyes.

I was at the fishmonger this morning and was not really knowing what to prepare. I checked the catch of the day and that was Pike Perch. A freshwater fish you can find in rivers all over northern and central Europe.
I bought a skewer full of prawns and a bag of cooked king prawns for the next day.

When I went into the kitchen I grabbed a just ripe avocado.
Have I ever told you that I love avos?  đŸ˜€

As first course the skewered prawns. I have some spice blend from chef Schuhbeck especially for Caribbean style prawns and use that often. Just mix it with some oil and brush the prawns with it and let them marinate a while. A couple of minutes in a hot pan and they are ready to serve on some lettuce. I put a bit of horseradish on each lettuce leaf and that brought out the taste of the prawns even more.

The second course was a piece of pike perch. I just cut it into 3 pieces, seasoned it with salt and pepper and dipped the skin side into a little flour. In oil and later a bit of butter and the juice of half a lemon I let it get nice and glossy in the middle.
Do no overcook your fish!  It is already dead!
An avocado with blueberry salt and lime juice was a great side to the dish served with just a few lettuce leaves and lemon olive oil dressing.

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