Monday, 23 April 2018

Vegetarian Asparagus Pho

With a bunch of fresh herbs, its the way soups are eaten in Vietnam. I finally had the time and spring weather to redo my balcony herb garden. Several herbs survived the winter but many needed replacement. It is great to have it back. When you cook, you just went outside onto the balcony and cut off some fresh greens.

I had white asparagus for lunch and a couple of stalks were left over. The cooking broth still sat in the pot and was ready to be used again.

I put rice noodles in a bowl and poured boiling water on top. Two spring onions and the asparagus chopped up, that was all I needed.

I added some soup stock to the asparagus cooking water, mirin, soy sauce and a bit of Vermouth and brought it to a boil. The veggies in to reheat and a bowl filled with the drained noodles.

My fresh herbs went in while I ate.

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