Saturday, 9 June 2018

Berry Jell-o from Poland

In a Polish Supermarket in Gedansk I ran through it short of time and a few things ended up in the shopping basket.

Beeing on a sightseeing trip with lots of programm my need for a long stay in a local supermarket was not satisfied.

I had some advice from a Polish friend in Germany what to look for. I found a bit of them. Mostly black Earl Grey tea with Lemon. Some wafers and candy bars and 2 sachets of Jell-O.

I prepared the berry one and it was pretty easy to prepare. The pictures of the backside of the package told me what to do.
I put them into two jars and stuck them in to the fridge.

I ate one as it was on its own - meh - a bit lacking of taste :-(

I ate one the next day with fresh fruits. A little better.

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