Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Creamy quick pasta

When you have a craving for pasta and a sausage resembling Bologna in your fridge, this is the recipe for you. If this kind of sausage is not available, use a Kilbasa or good quality Wieners.

The mix of creamy cheese and eggs are easy to prepare.

250 g short pasta
200 g Bologna sausage
2 eggs
80 g herby cream cheese
1 spring onion
1 tbsp oil
Salt and pepper
2 tbsp chives

Cook the pasta al dente and save a bit of the cooking water.
In a wide pan start oil and chopped spring onion. Cut the bologna into 2 cm cubes and brown it in the pan. Add half of the cheese and a bit pasta water and melt the cheese.
Add the rest of the cheese and a bit more water.

Beat the eggs and season them well.
Dump the pasta in the pan anf pour the eggs over. Mix well and cook on high for 2 minutes.

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