Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Parma Ham and Asparagus

When you order food online you get surprises sometimes.
A while ago I ordered cheeses and some Parma ham in the online shop I use often in Italy.
When the package came and I unpacked I looked quite surprised.

I had on my shopping list a piece of Parma ham with 600g.
The piece I took out of the box had 1,6 kg.

Yesterday I finally started to slice some of it up.
I have a very old but still funktioning electric
Bread and meat slicing machine. I normally use it to slice breads but it worked just fine on the cold ham.
It is important to have cold meat to cut, that makes it a lot easier for the machine to get thin cuts.

A good company for the Parma ham is asparagus. I cooked some and drizzled a little butter over it and served it. So delicious.

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