About me

My motto always was I can read, so I can cook. 

Following instructions helped me the first years to develop my basic skills and I developed a love for cookbooks, the basic ones, the regional ones and the ones I buy on my travels.

Now I´m collecting them just to enjoy and to read them and to look for inspirations. Having reached a critical mass of 400 books hampers me a bit of buying new ones. Cooking shows were my favorite past time for a while.

Following instructions is no longer my way of cooking, I use a recipe as an idea I can create with. Less so with baking, so sometimes it is a hit or a disaster when I changed too many ingredients.

I am open for all new things and love to go through markets in foreign countries and pick things I´ve never seen or cooked with before. Just to discover what to do with it, how to prepare and to develop a recipe is a challenge I love. New things I always try at least once. Then I know, if I would ever eat them again. I don´t belong in the category of people, what the farmer doesn´t know, he doesn´t eat.

I´m looking forward to share some of my foodie experiments and discoveries with a wider audience.

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