my love for cooking

Asian style
Okra Curry with Prawns
Swiss Fastnachtschüecheli 
Blanc-manger coco 
Hoisin Ribs 
A dish from the Chinese Minority of the Yao 
Sri Lankan Prawn Curry
Welsh Cawl
Liver dumpling soup 
Salade de Museau de Boeuf  
ANIME Food Gotacha Pork Roast 
Ahi Poke with Avo and Seaweed 
Japanese Coconut Peanut Noodle Soup 
Pickled Cucumbers 
Haianese Chicken Rice 
pho A Vietnamese classic 
Onigiri with Chanterelle Mushrooms 
Toschikoshi Soba 
A walk back Memory Lane 
Thai Chicken Noodle Soup 
Indian Paneer 
Paneer Makhani 
Dan Dan Noodles 
Zurek - a Polish Soup 
Japanese Turkey Curry Rice
Dosa with Raita 
Home grown Tomatoes 
Fresh made Satay sauce with Nasi Lemak 
Djuvec Rice and Pljeskavica 
Oricchete and caramelized lemon 
Pork Cutlett cubed on cabbage 
Salmon Donburi 
Onion and Spinach Bhajis 
Sicilian Orange Spaghetti 
Thai Pineapple Stir fried Rice 
Singapore Laksa 
Gyoza - more traditional 
Shabu Shabu at home 
Zupa Watrobiana- Liver Soup 
Turkish red lentil soup 
Tantanmen Ramen
Thai Prawn Soup 
Sukiyaki at home 
Lentils a la graisse d´oie 
Lamb koefte with Bulgur 
Chicken Biryani 
Japanese fruity vegetable curry 
Matsaman Beef Curry 
Okinawa Shoyu Pork 
Arroz con Frango
Boxty Irish griddle Pancakes
Irish Barmbrack Bread
Boxty Irish griddle Pancakes
Inari Sushi
Bombay Aloo
Eggplant Curry
Asian Duck 
Quartre Èpices 
Salade Nicoise

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