Thursday, April 19, 2018

Risotto al Limone

The lemons on the coast south of Napoli are famous. You find different kinds in Sorrento and in Amalfi and others on the island of Capri. The ones of Amalfi are a bit sweeter. Many of these lemons are the size of a child´s head. The special ones do not have a lot of juice, they are grown for their skin.
Most famous is the yellow liqueur called Limoncello. Is is served very cold after many dinner meals. The skin of the lemons gets peeled without the bitter white side and stored in 90% alcohol for a couple of days. Then you prepare a sugar and water solution and get the skins out and mix the alcohol with it.

But the lemons are used for cooking and for the perfume industry too.

The risotto al limone de Sorrento is found on many menus. I had this on the second night in the Hotel in Meta di Sorrento as first course. The waiter came around with a serving dish a slopped a spoon full onto my plate. It did not look very appetizing and I did not take a picture of it. I hoped the taste was better. And it was, only the kitchen had been a bit skimpy on the cheese.
But I knew, I had to make this at home as soon as possible.

recipe for 2:
160 g caneroli rice
500 ml veg stock
3 shallots
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp olive oil with lemon
1 lemon skin and juice
water as much as the lemon juice
100 g pecorino cheese
2 tbsp butter

Chop onions and garlic and heat up the oil, saute them for 2 minutes and add the washed rice.
Give it a good coating in the oil.
Grate the skin from the lemon and squeeze out the juice, double it with water and add it to the rice.

Add the veg stock in 4 sections, each time cook it down while stirring often.
After the second round add the lemon peel and pepper.
When the rice is cooked, make sure it still has enough liquid, add cheese and butter.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The last dinner in Sant`Agata sui Due Golfi

WiFI in Italian hotels is mostly slow and often not available. We stayed up in the hills over Sorrento in Sant `Agata sui due golfi in the Hotel Pergoletta. A family run buisiness on a very busy road. A sign at the check in counter said free WiFi Hotspot, but nobody of our group was able to excess it.

Around dinner time we all met in the dining room and had pasta as a starter. Pasta al pomodoro, with tomato sauce. No fuss and good quality. Several of us took a second helping and that was a good idea.

Secondo looked good at first sight and was a thin slice of pork scallop, so thin that it had thesc thicknessc of a regular slice of sausage. Served with a Pomme Duchesse and a bit of salad.

The dessert was made up quite nicely and was a slice of canned pineapple, topped with half a canned peach with some whipped cream from a can and 2 drops of caramel sauce.

Not to mention the breakfast the next day, the baddest coffee I had in a long time and not much food to eat.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Gelato in Taormina

I hurt my knee the day we arrived in Taormina. Walking around was not an option. I went up to the city with the shuttle bus near the Messina Gate. Walking 20 m led me into a Gelateria.
The first thing I found on the beverage menu was an almond milk drink.

Served on ice with a little sparkling water made it very refreshing. But it was a little on the sweet side, less sugar and it would have been perfect.

The gelatos in touristy spots are often small and a bit expensive. When I saw the "Mixed bowl grande senza panna" on the menu, I did not expect a huge cuppa.
I was surprised when the waiter brought out my order. Chocolate, Hazelnut, Pistachios topped with  baked palmiers.

Very good ice cream and so tasty.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Seafood in Capomulini

On our day off during the tour we stayed in Capomulini in the area of Catania.
After breakfast some of us went out to explore the tiny seaside village.
When we were at the main place with sea excess a man in a wet suit came out of the sea and carried a netbag with him.

He collected sea urchins and he showed us his catch.

 We talked to some locals about open restaurants during lunch time and the
Ristorante del Pescatore came up.

Later we went there.
As a starter I had Spaghetti con Cozze, with mussels and as a secondo a plate with fried squid.
Very delicious.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Food in Sicily

My Italy trip brought me over to Sicily again. I was here 13 month ago and loved the food. Several blogs about are already up.
This time I am staying here only 2 nights, arrived and left by overnight ferry.

The group tour offered a dinner arrangement and we ate at the hotel in the evening.

We stayed in a hotel were tour busses are the main guest groups. 4 busses and the dining hall was loud to deafening. Italians are on the louder site when in groups of more then 1. Lol.

We had as Primo the pasta dishes.
Maccaroni with Ragu and short pasta with pesto the other night.

Secondo was the first night thin Schnitzel from pork and the other night Chicken skewers.
The veggie was served first on a plate for the table and was getting cold until the meat arrived.

The evening dinner ended with desserts.

Not bad for Hotel food.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Pizza in Amalfi

The Golf of Salerno with the coast of Amalfi is one of the most famous parts of Italy. On a trip of 50 km you have to pass 1200 curves. The road winds along the high coastline and through very tiny villages.

Doing this on board of a 12 m long tour bus is no fun for the driver and often not fir the passengers who sit on the cliff side and in the first rows.

When we reached Amalfi, the main point of interest, we took a trip on a small boat and looked on all the noble hotels and the villas of the stars ( Sophia Loreen, Gina Lollibridgida, Kennedys and other.
Then we had freetime to check out the city and get some food.

Like in all most frequented  tourist areas, food is expensive and rarely better than average. Knowing that, I went up the main road leading out of the city and it got quieter. Less tourists and mostly Italians.
On the side of a black sandy beach were some tables high on the promenade and what people had on their plates looked good.

We wanted something traditional and ordered

Huge, great taste with a heaping amount of fresh mozzarella. We paid 6€ per pizza. Half of the price down at the piazza and a lot bigger.

Gambrinus Café in Napoli

There are cafes all over the world you need to visit one day.
They are famous for their atmosphere or beautiful site and mostly for their coffee and great pastries and other sweet stuff.

In Austria are the Vienna coffee houses of Sacher and Dehmel. In Paris its Café des Flores and in  Budapest Cafe New York. Just a few of the famous of a long list.

Beeing on a trip to Italy, I came to Napoli. A city with more then 1 million inhabitants and a historic downtown area with lots of great buildings.
At the Piazza Plebiscito , the place of the people, in a corner building is the Cafe Gambrinus. It is a mix of late 1900 to the Art Deco.

I did not have enough time to sit down and enjoy the place. But I took the time for a coffee at the bar.
That is a tradition you see the Italians enjoy daily.

I ordered a coffee Veneziana. Espresso with cream, topped with dense hot chocolate, milk foam and sprinkled cocoa on top. Served with a glass of tap water.
It was delicious.
Now I was to an other coffee house to check off my list.