foody vacations

Eating food in Cornwall
Tasting food in Iceland 
Leek, Meatballs and Potatoes
Eating in and out in Reykjavik 
Food on a road trip
Beating the rain with food
On the hunt for local products 
The last food on the trip
Lobster soup or Humarsúpa 
Salmon with Banana and Freekeh 
Eating interesting food in Japan
Eating in Ginza and Asakusa
Japanese Food
Food in Sicily 
Typical Dishes to eat
Fish dishes on an island 
San Leone food 
Almonds and Pistachios 
Foody vacation in France 
Oven rosted veggies 
A butcher´s visit in Pierrefonds 
Cherry and strawberry jam 
Vegetarian Tartar 
Salad with Prawns 
Green beans with tomatoes 
Fresh Mussels 
Tomato and Bread Salad 
Shelling Peas 
A walk along Boulevard 
Amandes de Mer
Filet de Merlan
First Breakfast in Curacao 
Grocery Shopping in a local supermarket 
Preparing meals with just one hob 
Eating out on Curacao, Part 1 
Eating out on Curacao, Part 2
I visited an Eco Farm 
Bay Leaf and Ham Spaghetti 
Giant Avocados are sold here 
Lunch at Kokos Beach 
Dutch Breakfast in Otrabanda 
Okras or Yamas 
Spinach with Sweet corn and peanuts
Bitterballen and Spring rolls 
Eating in a Hotel in the area of Sorrento 
Capri- a day trip with less food 
Gambrinus Café in Napoli 
Pizza in Amalfi 
Food in Sicily  
Seafood in Capomulini 
The last dinner in Sant`Agata 
Last Food Impressions from Poland 
Breakfast at Hotel Lisewski Dwor 
Cheese Platter at Malbok castle 
Filled Crepes 
Lunch at Holy Virgin Mary Day 
Dinner at a Castle Hotel 
Dinner at Palac Wiejce in Poland

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