Thursday, 16 March 2017

Great food in San Leone

Trust your foodie instincts and you will find great food.
I am in a seaside town near Agrigento and went out to have some lunch.
It was expensive, but worth every penny.

I treated myself to a starter of Antipasti Sicilian and a plate of Spaghetti
con Bottarga.

Beer, bottled water and Espresso to drink.

The Antipasti was really a mirror of the food served here on the island. A very smooth and creamy Ricotta, Pecorino and a more softer kind of buttery cheese. Salami and Prosciuto, an hard boiled egg filled with a sardine cream and a pot of super tasty marmalade from the juicy oranges of Sicily. Eggplants can be found in many dishes and a slice roasted with some olive oil and garlic topped with a potato wedge is great.
But the 2 things on this platter were a ball of cold couscous salad mixed with sauteed onions and mushrooms and some herbs. And a warm baked timbal of polenta. This was creamy and had little flecks of cooked carrot in.
Eating some Grissini bread sticks with it  made it a round dish.

What is Bottarga you will ask. The eggs from the tuna are salted and dried and usually pressed into a sausage shape.
Cooking with it is not so easy as I know well myself.
But now, I finally now better. And I will definitely cook it at home.

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