Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Typical Dishes to eat while on Sicily

There are some very exciting foods to experience here during my tour. I am looking forward to test many of them at home when I am back.
At the Temple of Segesta I found a cookbook with the typical Sicily dishes and 3 of them I already tasted.

The kitchen here on this island shows the many influences of the different people that came to reign over the island. Very strong is the influence of the North African cuisine. Raisins and Couscous are very prominent here in several dishes.
Raisins mixed in with fish or vegetables is standard.

Pasta with Sardines, fennel and raisins was awesome and that will be one of my first dishes to try when I get home.

The island has lots of almond trees, so you will find many dishes with almonds, not only sweets but mixed into savoury ones too.

From the area of Trapani comes the famous Pesto de Trapani. It is almond based.

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