Saturday, 25 March 2017

Seafood Pasta

I thought it would take longer until I wanted to eat pasta again. But after one week I was looking forward to a new pasta dish.

I took a friend today with me to France to do the monthly grocery shopping. We had a lot of fun and I showed her many new things there. We decided to buy the ingredients for our lunch today after checking out different offers.

Seafood looked good and they had many offers and special prices.  With the decision to make Seafood we decided on pasta to go with it.
She never had oysters before. Huge ones were sold on a very low price and I choose 6 for us. If she would not like them, I had 2 more for myself. I chucked them at home, offered some lemon juice and she liked them.
We bought a big bag filled with smaller bags of seafood and choose some veggies to go with it.

1 kg mussels
350 g squid rings
400 g cooked prawns
4 spring onions
4 fresh young garlic cloves
50 g black olive rings
200 g cherry tomatoes
400 g green asparagus
l/2 bunch of parsley
olive oil
350 ml cider
3 tbsp creme fraiche
1 tsp piment d Espelette
salt and pepper
2 tbsp ketchup
300 g linguine pasta

Wash the mussels, rip out the beards and check if they all are closed. Discard the
ones who are broken and the ones who wont close after knocking them on a board.
Shell the prawns and take the intestine out .
Cut the squid into bite size pieces.

Chop spring onions and garlic, quarter the tomatoes and break off the ends of the green asparagus and chop it into 1 cm pieces.
Chop parsley, stalks and leaves.
Cook the pasta.

Use a big pot with some olive oil and start1/3 of the onion garlic mix and add some of the parsley stalks. When a bit soft, add the mussels and the cider and close the lid. The big mussels needed 3-4 minutes. When open, discard the closed ones and get the mussels out onto a colander and save the liquid. Get the mussels out of the shells.

In a wide pan in some oil start the rest of the onion garlic mix, add the tomatoes and the olives and the  mussel liquid. Season with salt, pepper and piment ´d êspelette. Reduce the liquid by cooking on full speed, add the ketchup.

In a small pan in some oil flash fry the squid for 2 minutes and add with prawns and mussels to the sauce. Finish with some creme fraiche and parsley an stir in the linguine.

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