Friday, 17 March 2017

Almonds and Pistachios grow here a lot

I have seen and eaten many different kinds of food that contained either almonds or pistachios during this week. The first things were sweets, but often are these kinds of nuts found in savoury dishes.

Lots of almond different cookies are showcased in the shop windows. Even on the famous fish market in Syracus, fresh almond cookies were sold.
If you love pistachio ice cream, you have to eat it here in Sicily.

Yesterdays first course pasta contained a pistachio sauce on thick pasta, savoury and very tasty and pasta with mixed veggies.

Later for dessert they served Semifreddo alle Mandorle or roasted almond parfait.

People here use almonds in pestos and pistachios in creamy pasta sauces.
But the best things are found in small pastry shops.
Eat them as you go or take a whole lot home to your family and friends.

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