cooking with friends and family

Oxtail with Pretzel Gnocchi
Brioche with candied fruits 
Duck breast
Carrot pesto 
Salmon Ravioli with Riesling sauce 
Limoncello cream with Strawberry couli 
Easter chicks and bunnies 
Cheese and apples Strudel 
Chicken in Bechamel 
Orange Buchteln 
Wood Garlic Bread 
Fish and Chips
Loquat Layer dessert 
Lemon dessert 
Asparagus salad with Goat Cheese
Bread with figs
Asparagus variation
Sweet Potato Poppy Seed Bread  
Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse 
May Wine 
Carrot Almond Ginger Bread 
Rhubarb Tarte Tatin and Pistacchio ice cream 
Salsicce homemade 
Umbrian Lentil salad
Wild Garlic Spätzle 
Focaccia bread 
Ligurian basil cream with strawberries
Lamb shoulder Abruzzen style
South Tyrolian Bread 
South Tyrolian 4 ways apple dessert 
Spiced risotto with chicken breast  
Pannacotta with Gentian and Mountain herbs
Bavarian Caraway seed bread 
Icelandic Lamb Soup 
Spanish Tomato Cocktail 
Building Windmills and braiding Bread 
Lime Risotto 
Yogurt Lime Sorbet 
Goatcheese homemade
Sweet Dumpling with Raz el Hanout 
Pain d`Amour 
Pear Mousse 
Deep fried Savoy Cabbage leaves 
Marshmallow Coffee Walnut Dessert 
Bread Santa Hats 
Breads filled with Tapenade 
Beef Cheeks with Pumpkin Gnocchi  
Mazamorra Peruana 
Mango Vanilla Rice Soup 
Swiss Bürli 
Velouté de Choux-Fleur 
Steamed salmon with 4 citrus flavours 
Pretzel Pumpkin Dumplings 
Cucumber Cottage Cheese Salad 
Easter Bunnies 
Kohlrabi three ways 
Egg variations and herby sauce 
Smoked Salmon Soup 
Black Sesame Ice cream 
A Provencal 3 course meal 
My famous marinated sweet corn 
Courgette bread 
Parmetier de Boudin noir
Calvados Caramel Prawns 
Blackberry Limoncello Ice Cream 
Fried onion beer bread 
Lavender Fennel coated chicken 
Courgette Poffertjes 
Hungarian fish soup 
Hungarian Cremesch
Serving Food on a spoon- part 1
Food on a Spoon - Part 2 
Food on a Sppon - Part 3 
Dessert on a spoon 
Basil Gin & Tonic 
White Sausage for a Bavarian breakfast 
An evening with Hessian style food 
Puff Pastry Party Snack 
Starter with Quail Egg 
Strawberry Mousse 
Lime and Mint Parfait 
Handkäse a special cheese 
Hessian cheese made like a Portugese pastry 
Scrambled egg Espuma 
Savoury Rolls or Räuberbrötchen 
Cheese Tajine 
Curaco Style Peanut Chicken 
Dressing a plate for success
Giant Couscous Salad 
Dressing a plate for success 
Gazpacho- cold soup 
Fiaker Goulash 
Cheesecake with cucumber 
nems with crab meat and green apple 
Cherry cake 
Watermelon Bread Salad 
Mixed Salad with Cherries 
Nems with Celeriac a la Waldorf Salad


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