Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Lime Risotto with Seafood

The Entre of todays meal was a light risotto topped with delicious seadfood.

Lime Risotto with its fresh and a bit sour taste is a great base for fresh seafood. It is even better to go with raw fish or cevice. But I had people over who don´t do raw fish.

recipe for 3:
1 cup Carneroli Risotto rice
3 shallots
2 cloves of garlic
4 tbsp butter
150 ml white wine
600 ml chicken stock
60 g pecorino
2 tbsp parsley
salt and pepper
2 limes zest and juice

Start the butter with onions, garlic and washed rice and give it a good 3 minutes to coat. Add the wine and let it cook down, add a cup of chicken stock and stir until the stock is gone, and so on.
Add grated lime zest and juice, parmesan and butter and a little parsley.

Per Person 2 king prawns, 2 scallops, 60 g chard, 60 g rainbow trout
some cress.
Marinade the king prawns in their skin in some caribean spice, season the scallops and fish with salt and pepper, bake in some butter and dress over with the butter to cook the top of the fish.

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