Friday, 2 September 2016

Chorizo Bell Pepper Rice

I love all colour of bell peppers, green, yellow, orange and red but when you have a couple of bell peppers just in one colour, it is no problem to prepare and enjoy this dish.

This recipe was created by my Dad once, we´ve bought Chorizo and it stayed in the fridge for a long time then he decided to make something with it. Since he had tricoloured bell peppers, he used them together with the sausage, thrown some tomatoes in, lots of chili and garlic and many onions.
We served it with rice and the second time he made it, the rice was cooked but mixed into the dish just before serving. Now we had a dish to love.

250 g Chorizo
2 big white onions
4 cloves of garlic
1 red chili
6 cocktail tomatoes
4 long red peppers
1/2 cup veg stock
3 tbsp Noilly Prat
herbes d`Provence

Chop everything.
In a wide pan fry off the chorizo and get it out with some of the oil, when it is browned.
In the rest of the chorizo oil fry off the onions and garlic for some minutes.
Get in the peppers, tomatoes and the chili and cook some more- add the liquid and close the lid and let it cook until everything is soft, season.

Cook the rice.
Add the rice to the dish and chop the parsley and put it in.

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