Sunday, 4 September 2016

Eating out in the rural area near by

I was out in a rural area not more than 40 km from home, called the Odenwald, and met a lot of people I have seen for a long time. We all sat outside and enjoyed the food. They did not have a large menu, a couple of simple things for the carnivorous, a tasty salad with fried potato and cheese sticks and a vegetarian dish too.

They bake their own cakes and make their own ice cream. Enjoying coffee and a sweet treat later was a must.

The beer garden was packed with people and that shows the quality of the food.

I had a 3 course meal that started with a creamy vegetable soup, with some semolina in that gave it a bit of body, than a mozzarella filled schnitzel with french fries and a huge plate with a mixed salad. For dessert came a small jar with a typical summer dish you will find everywhere. Juice of berries cooked with starch and sugar to a jelly like consistency with whipped cream on top.

The homemade cake was a banana nougat torte, with fresh banana slices totally covered in dark chocolate and built in and set on top of a layered cream cake. Nougat or Nutella I am not sure, but the taste was amazing. And a ball of coconut and fresh blueberries, filled in the middle with some curd mixed with blueberries  and soft cake crumbs. So delicious.

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