Thursday, 29 September 2016

Pain d´Amour

Or black bread!

A slab of black bread with 3 different coloured cocktail tomatoes pressed into the dough is a great sight on every table.
The commentary from the guests were hilarious: is that a piece of concrete? Has the bread fallen into a bucket of dust?

Rest easy, it is just a tiny package of sepia ink from an Italian grocery store.

Making it not round or rectangular but a loopsided, it resembles a slab of stone, brush it with some olive oil- maybe forget a corner or two- that looks even more authentic and press the tomato slices in. Press them in the dough deep enough, otherwise they come up during baking and will fall off.

350 g flour
150 g semolina duro
10 g fresh yeast
12 g salt
12 g olive oil
300 ml  water or whey mixed in with the package of sepia ink.

1 hand full of different coloured cocktail tomatoes

Knead it and let it proof over night in the fridge.

Just shape it by hand,  decorate it and bake it at 230 C for 20 min.

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