Sunday, 25 September 2016

Making my own Goatcheese

A good friend is making cheese at home for some time. Now I´ve got curious and after my Ricotta cheese making I was hooked and wanted to do it. So we worked on this project together.

The first thing that is neccessary to know, you need time and space to do it. The process needs 48 hours and is a very strict science.

You will need rennet (Kälberlab), calcium chloride, and a sour starter. Use a siringe

3 l of goatsmilk  just make about 5 small cheeses and you will have a huge amount of whey. Which is great for baking btw. Each of us started the dough for a bread after we had about 1,3 l of whey after filling the sieves to drip.

3 l fresh goatsmilk warmed up to 33 C
add 1 knifepoint of sour starter
and 0,9 ml calcium chloride

just take 2 tbsp off the milk in a small cup and set aside

now you have to wait 45 Minutes!

the stir the milk good and 
add 7,8 ml  rennet to the cup  and pour that into the milk-  bring the milk to a stop.
Cover with a lid and a thick bathtowel  and let it stand without touching or moving it for 1 hour.

Then look out for a solid white under some liquid and take a knife and cut it into pieces.

Let it sit for 5 minutes, use a bigger spoon and skim some whey into a bowl.  Use a spoon a stir a bit.

Let it sit for 5 min,.....

Let it sit for 5 min ......

Let it sit for 5 min......

Take small sieve containers and strain with a slotted spoon some of the cheese curds into the containers, set them on a grid  over a deep dish. Let them rest over night.

The next morning you put the curds into cheese moulds. This is the time when you can fill some of the cheeses. Just build a layer of curds, then a layer of filling and top if off with more curds. Let them sit on the grid even more- about 3 more hours.

Then  you start to rub them with salt on both sides. This gives taste to the cheese and
draws out more moisture and gives it a shelf life of 7 days in the fridge.
Repeat the process after 1 hour. Let the cheeses sit covered outside until the evening and pour the rest of the whey away.

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