Sunday, 18 September 2016

Building Windmills and braiding Bread

I made to bowls of dough yesterday and had the idea to use the juice from some red beets to colour one of the doughs. I never thought it would work out so well.
The coloured dough was a bit tougher to the touch but worked out the same way as the regular one.

And combining both kinds was fun.

Windmills are easy, just roll two fat sausages, pinch in the middle turn one side at the middle and use a chopstick to make an indentation legthwise, and form them like kiddie windmills. Take a little bit of dough from the other colour and make a little ball. Tap some water on the middle point and set the ball on top. Let it sit and rest for 20 minutes. Brush with water and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

Bake on a baking stone at 230 C for 20 minutes or until the bottom sounds hollow when you knock at  it.

Braided bread is a bit trickier. Make 3 long sausage, they will need time to stay at their length. The dough shrunks in between rolling times. Pinch the  end of the 3 together and start braiding. Have fun! Pinch the end together and let it rest 20 minutes. Brush with water and get some seeds on.

Bake at 230 C for 20 minutes.
recipe for the red dough:
400 g flour type 405
100 g semolina duro
12 g salt
12 g yeast
12 g olive oil
200 ml red beet juice
120 ml water

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