Indonesian Cooking
Stepping back in time 
1000 Island Sauce 
Oriental Cookies
I´m still raving about the diversity of dumplings
Bonemarrow dumplings
a huge dumpling 
Christmas Food 
St. Stephen´s Day 
Lamb´s Lettuce
Japanese Ramen 
Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup
Icelandic Skyr and Kiwano 
Beetroot and Papaya salad 
Strawberry Smoothie Bowl 
Broccoli and Bean Soup 
Blaue Zipfel 
Velvety Potato Soup 
Poached Pork 
Cabbage and Salami Pizza 
Dumplings in Chicken Stock 
Purslane Green Smoothie 
Cabbage and Bacon Salad 
Roast Beef with Mustard Crust 
Avocado Linguine Pasta 
Aubergine Laban 
A warm soup 
Scottish Haggis 
Almond Trout 
Raspberry Almond Linseed Smoothie
Vegetable Risotto 
French Escargots 
Turkey legs 
Salmon with potato roof
Falafel and Hummus 
Carbonara Raviolo 
Half Moon pasta filled 
Ricotta Quenelles
Sweet rice 
Duck legs Confit 
Garlic Soup 
Pancake day 
Ash Wednesday  Herring
Frankfuter Rindswurst 
Tuna with Cabbage 
Roasted Savoy Cabbage Burger
Soba Noodles with Salmon
Braised Rabbit 
Carrot and Potato Mash 
Eggs in Mustard Sauce 
Lettuce with Matjes Herring 
Pork Loin in Boursin Cheese 
Japanese Ramen with Beef Broth
Fried Plantains 
Feta Rocket Onion Boats 
Red Cabbage and Lentil Strudel
Lost eggs sweet and sour 
Chicken Kiew 
Vegan Lentil and Quinoa Waffles 
Zatar Salmon 
Cheese Pasta with mushrooms 
Hot Hot Chicken 
Japanese grilled Avocados
Limoncello Gin Cocktail 
Juniper Berry Risotto 
Matcha Green Tea Pasta 
Limoncello cake 
Kimchi Fries 
Caramelized Radicchio
Limoncello Tiramisu 
Minty Chicken Curry
Frankfurter Grüne Sauce 
Savarin Meatloaf 
Linden blossom Ice Cream 
Canadian Putine 
Broccoli Celery Peanut butter soup 
Puy Lentils in Thyme 
Celeriac Morbière Cheeseburger
Crete style food
Strawberry Sorbet 
Broccoli and Bratwurst
Chicken Soup
Cornfed Chicken 
Asparagus with Prawns 
Wood garlic pasta 
Rice paper and Panko fish 
Spelt flour bread 
Spaghetti with garlic, feta and bacon 
Pear and Rhubarb frozen yogurt
Pork and Swede Sandwich 
Asparagus Pakoras 
Wild Garlic Oil 
Asparagus fusion style 
Linguine with beets and horseraddish 
Asparagus and Strawberry Salad 
Chocolate Mountain or Granatsplitter 
Lamb with veggies 
Turkish Chicken Pilaw 
Scandinavia potato mash and pulled chicken 
Saffron asparagus courgette salad 
Asparagus snack 
Vegan Avocado Linguine 
Boulgour with Asparagus and Peas 
Filipino Adobo
Caramelized Asparagus with Strawberries 
Clafoutis Paleo GF 
Gnocchi with pear cranberry and gorgonzola sauce
Pork Goulash with Chanterelle Mushrooms
Strawberry Curd 
Asparagus filled pasta with Mint Butter 
Salad mexican style
Maltese Rabbit S
Sweet Potato Toasts 
Black Pudding Crumble 
King Prawns baked in paper 
Pizza Iceland Style 
Duck and Barley Salad
Char in Paper with fennel
Pineapple and Cucumber Salad
Asparagus Mango Salmon Salad
Tamago Kake Gohan 
Asparagus Almond Ice Cream
Watermelon pizza 
Ferrero Rocher Cake 
Pasta with Serano Ham
Watermelon Cucumber Salad 
Watermelon Ice Cream
Kinder Chocolate Liqueur 
Plaice with tomato and basil 
Feuilleté à la vanille 
Belgian blueberry waffles 
Migas Tex-Mex Style 
Peas and Beef Stew 
Freekeh with large Oyster Mushrooms 
Turkish mexican fusion tortillas 
Tortellini with ham and cheese sauce
Spelt bread souls
Avocado Goatcheese Cream 
Mango lime Sorbet 
German Apple Cinnamon Pancake 
Broccoli Apple Peanut Salad 
Maccaroni and peas
Orange Onion Artichoke salad 
Vegan Veg  Stock
Lemon and Lime Sesame Muffins 
Courgette Parsnip Potato Fritters 
Lemon and lime chilj chicken
Tartine with fresh fruits 
Vegan Coconut Spelt Pudding
Malabar Fish Curry 
Mocca Ice Cream 
Crackling Pork Belly 
Fried Okra 
Pao de Queijo 
Blueberry Soup  
Coconut Shrimp Stew
Mul Naengmyeon
Nectarine and fig cobbler  
Involtini with almonds
Figs with Greek jogurt 
Courgette Soup  
Parsley Salad
Buttermilk overnight bread 
Mango Slushie 
Herb and Cheese Bread 
Blue Grapes and Pancetta Pizza  
Fig and Rose syrup Ice Cream 
Pears Beans and Bac
Potatoes with Vinegar and Bechamel 
Chocolate Rice Pudding 
Moule Mariniere Zaatar 
Pan fried Sardines
Apricots on Paté Sablée 
Cordon bleu 
Chorizo Bell Pepper Rice 
Bavarian Cole Slaw
Sweet Matcha Risotto 
Figs topped with Goatcheese 
Champignon and Chorizo Soup 
Ricotta Gnocchi 
Purple Sweet potato mash 
Rabbit in North African Spices
Matsaman Curry Udon Noodles
White Pizza
French Blueberry Tarte
Linseed Whey Bread 
Cauliflower Potato Curry 
Beer and Honey glazed Prawns 
tomato sauce
Warm Mushroom Salad 
Danish cardamom and ginger waffles 
Oven roasted fennel and red onions
Spaghetti al tonno 
Kabak Tatlisi with Kaymak 
South Tyrolian marinaded pumpkin 
Pumpkin and pear soup 
Pumpkin Ravioli 
Victoria Sponge Cake 
Pumpkin Bacon Thyme Sauce 
Warm Cabbage and Potato Salad 
Feta Schnitzel 
Gingerbread spiced grilled mango 
Halloween Battenberg Cake 
Toast Hawaii 
Japanese Chicken Rice 
Vegan red lentil dish 
Pumpkin seed cinnamon kipferl 
Mango Chicken Curry 
Potato Pancakes 
Leek Mushrooms and Cheese Soup  
Poppy Seed Stollen 
Smoked Salmon Parcel 
Oldfashioned Coconut Macaroons 
Mulled wine cookie cuts
Tomato Ricotta Squares 
Chicken Crumble 
Parsley Root and Purple Carrot Risotto 
Jasmine Rice and Cardamom cake 
Jam Strips Cookies  
Swede and purple carrot soup
Linguine con Porcini
Christmas spiced Cake  
Cheese fondue spaghetti
Cornish Fairings 
Spaghetti Squash Carbonara 
Rice and Pasta Pilaw
Lemon Sago Cream 
Veal Scallops 
Pea Soup 
German Style Red Cabbage 
Baked Bananas  
Carrot Salad 
Lentil Soup with Wieners 
Fondue Chinoise 
Making cheese 
Pork Loin Sous-Vide  
Buttermilk-Coconut Cake
Buddha Bowl 
Bara Brith
Pizza Ring 
Vegan Banana Curry 
Apple Mustard Soup 
Sourdough bread 
Tuna Bolognese 
Ham Knuckle 
Pork in Aspic 
Endives au Jambon 
Grandma´s Summer Salad 
Pear Pastilla 
Angelhair Pasta with Caviar 
Seafood on Carrot Salad
Cooking one hand Bananas 
Pulled Pork two ways 
Bolognese easy and tasty 
Swiss Chard 
Turkey Katsu on Rice 
Buckwheat Pancakes 
Caesar Salad 
Okinawa Taco Rice  
Vegan Azuki Beans and Coconut Rice
Getting rid of stale sweet bread
Shrimp filled Plaice 
Instant Ramen Hot Dog 
Chicory Salad 
Water Sparrows
Shoga Yaki Ginger Pork 
Poached Trout 
Kale with Bregen Sausage 
Crispy coated Bavarian Weisswurst 
Fish Curry Bengal Style 
Bratwurst and Broccoli Quiche 
Japanese  Corn Potage 
Red Grapes Sous-Vide 
Chicken long rice 
Navarin d´Agneau 
Rabbit in cider 
Ham and Cheese Pancakes 
Savoy Cabbage Walnut Pesto 
Savoy Cabbage Chestnut pasta 
Guinea-fowl with apples in cider 
Smoked pork shoulder on sauerkraut 
Salsify and pasta 
A bowl of salad 
Cordon bleu Sauerkraut burger 
Lentil and Spinach Curry 
Wild Garlic Risotto 
Cranberry and white chocolate cookies 
Pea Soup
Seafood pasta 
Lambs Lettuce 
 Cotolette di Melanzane
Braised Lamb with Fennel
BBQ Season 
Curry Sausage
Tonkatsu Ramen Soup
Cranberry oatmeal cookies
Sicilian Pesto 
Semifreddo alle Mandorle
Couscous Salad 
Cocas- Algerian puff pastry
Chicken Freekeh 
Chokky Rocks 
Asparagus and smoked salmon pizza 
Pasta alla Norma 
Strawberry Rhubarb Compote 
Oven roasted potatoes  
Matcha Panacotta 
Pink Lentils 
Minute Steak 
Four Seasons Prawn Cocktail 
Sicilian pistachio sauce 
Pulled Pork 
Cinnamon Pannacotta  
Triple Chocolate Coconut Cookies 
Sweet Rice Pudding 
Vanilla carrots 
Mediterranean asragus platter 
Tempura white Asparagus 
Cabbage and pulled pork 
Vanilla Flan 
Gilt Sea Bream 
Baked Donuts
White Asparagus with Rhubarb sauce 
Adobang Baka 
Potato Asparagus Salad 
Pasta with fennel and cockles 
Salted caramel brownies 
Crepes filled with Asparagus 
Green Asparagus with Salami 
University Potatoes 
Zoodles with blue cheese 
Asian inspired ribs 
Banana Oatmeal chocolate cookies
Pea Soup with Asparagus topping 
Asparagus with prawns 
Lemon Nana 
Easy Food after a long day 
Veal cutletts filled  
Spicy Carrot Coconut Soup 
A quick bell pepper risotto  
Beans Chickpeas Potato Mash 
Lamb with cumin and coriander 
Matcha Ice Cream Dairy free 
A cast iron pan 
Panko Cod 
Quinoa Chicken mushroom wrap
It is still wrap time 
Sweet Potato bake 
Panchetta Pangasius and Pasta
Grafschafter cookies
Tomato Rice 
Turkey breast stir fry 
Eggplant Apricot and Nuts Pilaf 
Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks
Mixed veggie pan
Okra Coconut curry vegan
Leek and bacon wheels 
Fish wrap 
Udon Noodles with Tempura
How to get a huge courgette Part 1 
How to get rid of Part 2
Jerk Chicken with beans and rice 
Vegan Mexican polenta 
My perfect dry aged Rumpsteak 
Chicken Miso Ramen
Chocolate Sweet Rice 
Homemade Mango Tomato Ketchup
Quiche with cherry tomatoes 
Little dumplings and beans 
Tomatoes and roasted bread 
Mushroom bagels 
Onion Meatloaf and green beans
I made cheese again 
Banana Pancakes with Blueberries 
Making use of lots of tomatoes  
German style Schweinebraten
White Rocky Road
Blue grape jelly 
When you do not feel good 
Bunny Chow 
Soba noodles 
Salmon and Fennel Pasta
Nutella Banana Oat Muffins  
Blueberry Ketchup 
Tomato Tarte Tatin 
Broccoli Cashew Potato Bake 
Peas and Coconut Soup 
Duck breast with blueberry ketchup 
Warmed up Mozzarella 
Eggplant Beef Burger 
Mango Lasso 
Leftover Entrecote 
Chicory Watermelon Salad 
James Bond Cake
Lentil Salad 
Celery soup 
Smoked Halibut and quinoa soup 
Carrots with Hummus 
Roasted Cauliflower Mac&Cheese 
Cauliflower Potato Stew 
Duck with Pastis and Honey 
Black Pearl Rice 
Yuffka Spinach Baskets 
Tarte flambé  
Teriyaki Sauce and Meatballs 
Mazedonian Rice and Chicken 
Butternut Onion Cinnamon topping 
Pumpkin Cinnamon Whaffles 
Breaded Pollock
Potato Salad 
A piece of crackling pork 
Banh Mi Sandwich 
Chestnut rice 
Chestnut soup with apple 
Filled pepper 
Roasted Chicken thighs and sweet potatoes 
Vegan green Thai curry 
Peanutbutter and Chili soup 
Courgette Pizza 
Jerusalem Artichoke 
French Toast 
Pasta with Avocado and Mushrooms 
Swede and carrot curry 
Plantaine & Buckwheat pancakes 
A childhood treat  
Turkish spinach cake
Pasta  with smoked salmon and physalis 
Pudding rice with Mango 
Lemon Baharat Potatoes 
Carrot Ginger Fond and Brook Trout  
Miso and Honey Aubergine 
Tomato and Prawn Risotto 
Citrussy Chicken 
Low effort version of Haianese Chicken Rice 
Pumpkin salad Greek style
British Mince Pies
Vegetarian Savoy Cabbage Stew 
Sweet Potato Soup 
Chestnut Pasta with eggs and broccoli 
Risotto with Portugese sheep cheese 
Speculoos Parfait 
Coronation chicken
Venison goulash 
Thai spiced Duck
Filled giant mushrooms 
Soup with leftovers 
Beef goulash marinated
Portugese liquid sheep cheese and pasta
A 2 course light lunch 
Pretzel dumplings
Banoffee Flapjacks
Prawns and fresh pasta 
Tia Maria Cappuccino Semifreddo 
Potato Radiccio Pan 
Roasted Chickpeas and sweet potato salad 
Chicken Drumstick Soup
German Pancake with apple compote 
Pickled onions 
Soba with Beef Soboro
Freekeh with eggplant -vegan 
Sardines, Anchovis and Capers Spaghetti 
Dhal from yellow split peas 
Mongolian Beef in a Crock Pot 
Sweet Potatoes and dip 
Espresso Dessert with Mascarpone 
Chinese Scallion Pancakes 
Suckling Pig Cutlets al forno 
Cabbage Rolls German Style 
Mussels in Beer 
Flammkuchen Greek Style 
Chocolate Waffles 
Daikon Salad with Miso Salmon 
Trout with mixed veggies 
Matcha popcorn 
Dry aged beef
Japanese fluffy Matcha Pancakes 
Nasi Lemak 
Buttermilk Chicken Wings 
Wan Tans 
Puy Lentils with Ginger 
Jamie Olivers Quick Portugese Custard Tarts
Egg drop soup
Pastirma packages 
Puff Pastry Party Snack 
Juniper Berry Butter and Gin Carrots 
Shaanxi Hot Chili Oil 
Soba Noodle Salad 
Homemade Swabian pasta 
Cured and grilled Salmon 
Insalata Barba di Frate 
Apple Strudel 
White Dandelion Soup 
Tonkatsu for Dinner 
Chicken and Potatoes 
Spaghetti with Spinach and Bacon 
Stuff your Face cake
Courgette Risotto 
Tarte rustique forestiere 
Puy Lentils on wild garlic
Sweet Potato Buttermilk Soup 
Wiener Sausage Goulash 
Monkey Milk 
Burnt Honey Panna Cotta 
Pommes Aligot 
Leek and Cheese soup
Orange Salad from Sicily 
Green asparagus risotto 
Vegetarian Asparagus Pho 
Sandwich Levelled up 
Fennel Tarte with Pecorino 
Oven Baked Gnocchi 
Lentil salad on endive 
Roast from a Suckling Pig 
Endive and Strawberry Salad 
Creamy white asparagus soup 
Risotto Milanese
Octopus Dog 
Quick creamy Pasta 
Tomato Bread 
Berry Jell-O from Poland 
Baby Bel filled Meatloaf 
Kohlrabi Apple Salad 
Slow Cooker Chicken Adobo 
Parma Ham and Asparagus 
Parma Ham Pasta
Ketjap Manis Chicken Legs 
Bean Sprouts Asian  Salad
Baby Bel filled Meatloaf 
Easy Cucumber Salad 
Meatballs in Cheese and Pea Sauce
Potato Salad Russian Style
Seabream in Saltcrust 
Mozzarella and raspberries
Sweet Rice with Cherries on top 
Pasta Variations 
Poached Cod on a bed of salad 
Whelk as an eveing snack 
Chicken cooked in a earthen pot 
Pear Carrot and Mint Curry 
Apple and Parmesan Tartes 
Courgette with Mozzarella and fresh herbs 
Cookies with bananas and cranberries
Nectarine Crumble
Fig and Roquefort Salad
Tarte à la Tomate
Chicken in white sauce 
White bean Hummus
Chicken and Shrimp Curry 
Fig Ice Cream 
Iced Cucumber Soup 
Yesil Fasulye or Green Beans 
Austrian Paprika Chicken 
Avocado Toast with poached egg 
Reblochon and Potatoes 
Cheese and Sausage filled Tortilla 
Coffee Jell-O 
Pesto with Savoury and Parsley 
Mushrooms in Soy sauce and butter with pasta 
Green beans with savoury pesto 
Tomato Chicken 
Spicy Banana Potato Soup 
Eggplant and Chicken Pot 
Lamb Freekeh and pumpkin 
Avocado Cucumber Soup 
Tortilla de Patatas
Levelled up my canned Ravioli
Tomatoes and Onions for Breakfast 
Pumpkin and Dandelion Risotto 
Chanterelle Mushrooms with beef patties on toast 
Veal Cutlett on the bone
French Puy lentil salad 
Green Bean Hummus 
Strawberry filled sweet dumplings 
Chicken and veggie sauce 
Peach, Feta and Mint Salad 
Kohlrabi and Ham Soup 
Chanterelle Mushrooms on beef and toast 
Peanut Butter Chicken and Sweet Potato Mash 
Clafoutis with Tomatoes 
Tomatoes in Creme Fraiche 
Pasta Cacio e Pepe 
Salmon and Prawn Dish 
Tomato and Banana Soup 
Parsnips with Baharat Yogurt Dip 
Tomato Broccoli Bread Salad 
Pollock and Spaghetti 
North Sea Shrimps and scrambled eggs 
Last cooked dinner on Sylt 
Spaghetti booster after a stormy bycicle ride 
Coleslaw my style 
Green Beans with garlic and parsley 
Artichoke and Dip 
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 
Mozzarella Wrap 
Green Pea Panacotta 
Rabbit Legs with Capers 
Trofie Pasta homemade 
Roasted Courgette Bread Salad 
Portobello Mushrooms filled with pasta 
Pizza - not so homemade! 
Shredded Pancakes 
Butternut Squash Chickpea Salad 
Risotto with bell peppers and chicken 
Onion and Spinach Bhajis 
Turkey drumstick in a Clay Pot 
Cranberry Sauce 
Potato Soup with roasted Bread 
One basic dough for lots of cookies 
Vanilla crescents 
Avocado Linguine with bacon 
Hearty vegetable and meat soup 
Bacon Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes 
Aubergine and Anchovis Sauce with Pasta 
Goulash Soup 
White Chocolate, Cranberry and Almond Muffins 
Mushroom Burger 
Onion Soup with Cheese Bread 
Radiccio out of a pan 
Dukkah Chicken Nuggets 
Beef Roulade 
Celery Parsnip and Parmesan Soup 
Chestnut Cream Dessert 
Pork Belly Rice Bowl 
Kimchi 2.0 
Seafood Lasagne 
Linguine with Sage and Lemon 
Swiss Sausage and Cheese Salad 
Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese 
1000th blog- endive soup with goat cheese 
Parsley two ways with chicken liver  
Egg Grog 
Lamb eye of loin 
Smoked Trout on King Oyster Mushrooms 
Vegetable Tajine with Meatballs 
Smoked Trout Cream Spread 
Savoury ripped Pancake 
Semolina dumplings in pea soup 
Boursin cheese with cappellini pasta 
Bloodpudding with warm potato salad 
Fruity Curry Soup with cauliflower tempura 
Espuma form pickled juice of gherkins 
Salmon Parcels with celery two ways
Quick Cauliflower Soup 
Porkello Tonnato 
Two dinners with one ready made part each 
Egg Salad 
Beetroot Risotto with Goatcheese 
Buttermilk marinated chicken wings 
Waffles with wine cream 
Two strong cheeses in a sauce with linguine 
Oven baked fresh trout 
French half cock Pot au Feu 
Gin Mussels 
One pan dish 
Isabell´s Orange Cake 
Tuna and capers vegetable rice 
Veloute de panais 
Sour Cream Tarte 
Mashed Potatoes, Bread and Pears 
Sweetpotato waffles with avo and goatcheese 
Coffee Streusel Cake 
Turkey breast strips with peparika and cream 
Schnitzel in Onion Sauce 
Raclette cream sauce and pasta 
Salmon with tomato basil cream sauce 
Red Cabbage Steaks with Goatcheese 
Hunter Cutlet former East German Style 
Polenta with Skrei 
Mango Mousse with Raspberry topping
Scallops with Asparagus and miso mayo
Broccoli Potato and Ham Bake
Spanish Bean and Veggie Pot
Herring and Beetroot Salad
Pasta with Lemon and Seafood
Spinach Soup
Lemon Curd
Mixed Berry Jelly Dessert 
Popcorn Sweet Rice 
Red Cabbage braised in Cider
Amerikaner - an old German pastry
Zoodles or courgette with Ayvar Sauce
Wild Garlic Linguine
Frittata with Chard and Onions
Red Cabbage braised in Cider
Rice Rolls in Apple Curry Sauce
Wild Salad Greens with Strawberries
Fregola Sarda
Beetroot Bacon and Feta Tart
Fennel, Red Cabbage and Lentil Curry
Chestnut Spag Bol
Buttermilk Pancakes 
Lime and ginger drizzle cake 
Carrot Caponata  
Nutella Muffins with Blueberries  
Berlin boild pork knuckle with Sauerkraut 
Plaice with Bacon Topping
Rhubarb and apricot compote
Roquefort Sauce with Pasta
One Hand Cooking
Quenelles in tomato Sauce
Lemon Curd Pastry
Eggplant in Tomato Sauce
Nduja Rice from Calabria
Chicken wings with coriander and lime
Tuna in tomato Sauce with Linguine
Crêpes with Gorgonzola Radicchio filling
Dumplings with strawberry filling
Ox Heart Tomato filled
Cherries in 5 different Kinds of alcohol
Apricot Coconut Cake
Sweet Potato Banana Mango Curry
Peach Cake with Rosemary Lemon Crumble
Red Bell Pepper and Manchego Soup
Chicken Greek Island Style
Cherry Spit Cake
Courgette Bacon and Beef
Linguine with creamy Scallions
Fried Green Tomatoes
Sweet Risotto with Fig Compote
Savoury Grapes
Fennel with Stilton and Chiabatta
Coconut Corn on the Cobb with Apricots
Matcha Pancake with StrawberryJam
Celeriac with Puy lentils and mustard Sauce
Polpette al Pomodoro
Panna Cotta Two Tone
Merlot Spaghetti
Apricot Tart with Rosemary
Apricot filled Curd Dumplings
Tomato Harvest
Beef in Red Wine
Matcha Coconut Rice
Squid and Scallops in Salad Leaf
Salad with Chicken Strips Cesar style
Plum Jam
Pork Loin with Bacon
Fig Jam with rum
Bell Pepper Garlic Soup
Deer Goulash
Poached Pears
Soup with Pork an Mung Bean Noodles
Kaki or Persimmon baked in the oven
Chicken breast with plums
Kaki or Persimmon baked in the oven
Spaghetti Squash á la Burrata
Merguez Lentils and mash
Cod on top of tomatoes and capers
Borlotti beans and feta patties
Salmon Sun
Prawn, Scallops and Salmon Tart
Apple and Kohlrabi Salad
Asian style Noodle Soup
Zucchini or Courgette Cake
Apple and Potato Curry
Avocado and Beetroot Tower
Pumpkin Risotto with smoked Ham
Japanese Chicken stir fried Rice
Spinach Rolls with Lentil dip
Mushroom cream with Pasta
Vegetable Mash - Stamppot
Parsnip Hummus
Dumplings with Mushrooms and Bacon

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