Sunday, 3 January 2016

Beetroot and Papaya Salad Asia inspired

A beetroot and papaya salad sounds strange, but since I bought the veg and the fruit the same day and remembered the Thai style Papaya Salad.  It is a combination of fruit with veggies and crunchy nuts and the spiciness of the chillies.
It is kind of strange, I plan a regular German Schnitzel dish for today and as a side the leftover Spaetzle from yesterday.

These dishes come regularly with some salad to the side, but mostly greens or mixed with carrots and kraut. An Asian inspired salad is not something a regular restaurant would come up with, and so would not most households. 

Beetroot Papaya Salad

First I combined the 2 mayor parts, then added what I had sitting around and thought how much Asian I could go.

2 cooked beets cubed
1/2 ripe papaya cubed
1 spring onion sliced

just a few ingredients
1 stalk of lemongrass finely chopped
1 lime juiced
1/2 tsp dark sesame oil
2 tsp light sesame oil
1 tsp rice vinegar
1 2 cm grated fresh ginger
1/2  red chili in rings
3  tbsp parsley chopped
2 tsp palm sugar
1 tsp Pomegranate syrup
2 tbsp salted peanuts chopped

The salad is on the spicy side! 
Cut down the amount of chili and ginger and use little more palm sugar! 
But I love it hot! 

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