Sunday, 31 January 2016

Salmon with a potato roof

Fish is on the menu at least one or two times a week. Salmon is in good quality available and not so expensive.

I wanted to make something a bit showy, so I decided to put a roof or some potato shingles on top of the salmon. It looks pretty, it prevents the fish from drying out and gives the dish some nice appeal.

Salmon with a potato roof
Just serving it on a bed of fresh purslane, dressed in balsamic vinegar, balsamic fleur de sel from La Palma, some Olive oil and pepper.
It goes great with some roasted bell peppers. Just make them special by taking the skin off with a peeler before putting them in the pan. A little effort wont hurt. Take a red and a yellow one.

peeled peppers

I did potato or courgette slices on top of fish before, but mostly had the problem, that the slices fell off in the moment I started to turn the fish and the whole thing wasn´t looking so good anymore.

I found a solution on Google! When in doubt, turn to Google.

butter, potato starch to coat the slices

For 300 g of fish, you will need 3 small equal size potatoes. Peel them and use a fine grater or a Mandoline to make thin slices. When you cut them with a knife, they will probably be to thick and so wont cook in the same time as the salmon.

Now the trick:
3 tbsp of melted butter
2 tsp potato starch
combine both and put the slices in so they get a good coating.

Season the fish, lay a nice shingles of potatoes on top and put the fish into the fridge for 15 minutes. The butter will go solid again and the slices wont fall of.

In a pan on medium heat, start with some oil and put the fish down with the potato side. Let it sit for 3 minutes, you can lift off one corner to see it the potatoes go light brown. Turn the fish and let it cook until it is soft and flaky in the middle but do not let it dried out.

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