Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Ramenara - a cheat version of an Italian classic

The SortedFood guys showed 3 ways to use instant Ramen noodles.

Today I didn´t have more then half an hour between coming home from work and getting out of the house to an appointment. Hungry and eating something fast was on my agenda. So I wanted some pasta and remembered the recipe from Sorted.


Since bacon, garlic and cheese are on hand I started immediatly. As always I can´t keep my hands off the original recipe and changed a few things.

80 g bacon
2 spring onions
olive oil
3 cloves of garlic
cream cheese
2 plates of ramen noodles
1 egg

In a medium pot in a little olive oil start the bacon. While it browns, chop the spring onion and the garlic and throw it in. Give it a good minute, add as much water as you need to cover the sheet of ramen noodles and cook them until soft. Decide it you have to much liquid and get some out with a spoon, add the cheese and stir it well. To bind the sauce crack in a egg and give it a minute . Add some pepper and some Sriracha to taste.

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