Monday, 4 January 2016

Beef Soup with Pasta

Beef soup with pasta is a long time tradition in our family. On Holidays like the first of May or on Easter Saturday this soup is something to fall back to. When we were on tour and came back, the next possible day, that soup was made. It feels like home.
It is a soup you can eat all year around, hot soup is fine in the summer too.

Beef Soup with Pasta

You need a good stock for this kind of soup, so starting with beef ossobuco or beef shanks and some marrow bones the day before, adding some bay leaves, peppercorns, onion, garlic and chili. Then a large carrot, one leek, 1/4 celeriac and some parsley stalks are added.

To get a clear broth, skim off the foam in the beginning with a spoon. When I really aim to have a wonderful super clear broth, I start of with the beef and the bones in some water, boil it for a couple of minutes until all the foam comes out, take a sieve and drain everything and wash the pot. Then I start with the actual soup. But that is only for special occations.

The meat has to cook on slow heat between 1 hour to 90 minutes. Let it cool then a little and get the marrowbones out, scoop out the marrow, eat it or smear it on toast or just throw it back into the soup, and who gets lucky, eats it. Take out the meat, cut it off the bone and cut off all sinew and fat. Slice the rest into small cubes and put them back into the soup. When you cooked the soup with whole veggies, cut up the celeriac and carrots and fish out the rest of the onions and leek.

You have to cook the pasta seperately

To the Pasta:
we have tried so many diffent shapes of pasta over the years. Some of us love the long ones, like 10 cm Papardelle, but I prefare the short ones. There is one good reason for that, if you don´t want to have some of the soup on your shirt, use short pasta.

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