Thursday, 21 January 2016

Scottish Haggis with Whisky Sauce

My mood today longs for a walk in the Scottish Highlands. But since I am here in Germany and it is cold today, I get my dose of Scotland here.

I am a bit early for Robert Burns Day, which is on the 25. of January. Well, I will celebrate earlier.

The cloth on the table is a MacDonald of Skye Tartan

I cleaned out the cupboards in my Dad`s household and found a can of Haggis, that someone must have given him as a gift. Throwing it away is a no go, so I am preparing it today.

I was in Scotland twice and touring the Distilleries was a must. Since that time I love old Single Malts. A Whisky Sauce will go great with the Haggis. And I have a nice dram of Aberlour Whisky left, that will go into the sauce and a good shot into the meat.

Haggis preparation:
Here in Germany you can get Haggis online and it is sold in a can. I have seen it in British Supermarkets packed as plastic sausages.


In a little oil in a big pan I browned the Haggis on medium heat for a long time, starting with a wooden spoon to loosen up the meat into a something that resembles Bolognaise meat. When you have small pieces, let them sit and brown and then toss around a couple of times so they don´t stick to the pan. When the meat is a nice dark brown color, add a good dram of Single Malt.

Scottish Single Malt Sauce
150 ml water
2 tsp chicken stock
50 ml double cream
1 tsp Dijon whole grain mustard
a pinch of dried herbs
5 tbsp Single Malt Whisky  ( I used 10 y Aberlour)
Bring it to a boil without the Whisky and reduce it down to half, then add the Whisky and stop cooking!

Potato Mash with Sour Cream and Chives
You know how to make a mash. Adding sour cream and chives gives it a fresh taste.

Short cooked white cabbage (Jaroma)
1 onion
1 tbsp rapeseed oil
150 g cabbage without the hard middle
1 tsp caraway seed
salt and pepper
some dried parsley
Heat the oil in a pan and give the onion a head start, add the cabbage fresh washed and a bit wet so it wilts down easier. Season with caraway, salt and pepper and give it a couple of minutes to get a bit brown.


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