Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fried Plantains with Sriracha Dip

When you are not so hungry a plantain safes the day. I had one that was almost black sitting in my kitchen and it was ready to be a meal today.

Fried Plantain with Sriracha Dip

Plantains, that are green and only a little yellow taste like starch or floury potatoes, when you give them time to ripen, they get more of a banana like sweetness, without being really like a banana.

Someone from Ecuador showed me how he made that snack and that it was eaten very often, even sold as street food. A dip is always necessary to go with the plantain, you need something like that. Since I love Sriracha, mixed into a little curd.

1 plantain super ripe
3 tbsp curd
1 tbsp sriracha
1 tsp dried herbs
1  pinch of salt
600 ml fryer oil

take a knife to top and tail the plantain and then cut lengthwise into the skin. It is a bit hard to get rid of it. Cut it into 2 cm discs. Use a flattening iron or a pan or pot and smash a little on each slice.
Heat up the oil 160 C and fry the plantain for 3 minutes until they get a little color. Get the out and flatten each one again. Fry until lovely golden brown. Dry on kitchen paper. Mix the dip and serve.

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