Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Herring on Ash Wednesday

It is a tradition to eat Herring on Ash Wednesday here in Germany. People eat it with boiled potatoes.
It should help with all the alcohol people consumed over the carnival and the loads of Krebbel (donuts) we all ate in these days. And it was a cheap meal starting the time of fasting.
I had a huge bowl prepared for my coworkers and it was gone so fast, I even hadn`t time to shoot a photo :-)

just add the eggs and the salad is finished
400 g Matjes herring
5 shallots short in boiling water blanched
1 red apple
100 g gherkins
2 hard boiled eggs
30 g walnuts
4 red beets cooked
250 g sour cream
200 g yogurt
2 tbsp vinegar
salt, pepper and celery seed

Matjes Herring
sour cream, vinegar and the yogurt and season with salt, pepper and celery seed.

The salad is best, when it can rest over night. A huge pot of potatoes goes great with the salad.

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