Saturday, 27 February 2016

Eating out in the Countyside

I drove today to a wonderful hilly region not to far away from home. The round trip were about 65 miles in total. A wonderful cold but sunny day on a Saturday is something to get out.  I like the sun coming through the car windows letting you think it was warm outside. Between 2 to 5 C
 is not much and the cold wind is not nice. Since this winter is not as cold as others, some spring flowers are already in full bloom and some trees have their flowery dress on, too.

The village I visited has a chef who has a huge orchard and makes his own vinegars out of the fruits that grow on his land, and he started making some mustards too. You can taste and buy his products in his restaurant and have a great meal from locally sourced food, that is seasonal and not far away then a 50 mile radius.

I love to cook with mustard and vinegar, so I waited for a sunny day to make the excursion. It was a great trip and I came back with 3 different vinegars for me, 2 mustards and some gifts for friends. I bought sweet cherry vinegar, quince vinegar and some tomato vinegar. Lovely sweet pear mustard and spicy apple mustard. I can´t wait to start to cook with them.

And I had lunch there too.


A tradition in the Odenwald region is the Hessian Kochkäse or cooked cheese. Combining it with a Schnitzel is very well known here. I haven´ t had that dish for a while and took the item on the menu.
A fresh salad combination was served first, some greens, carrot and red cabbage salad, some potato salad was a good way into a meal.

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