Monday, 15 February 2016

Curried Soba with Salmon Patties

This is half preprocessed dish.

Sometimes I love good Japanese Soba Noodles and I had some salmon fish cakes stored in the fridge. This is a kind of fast food I love. Cooked in less then 10 minutes.

A carrot and 2 spring onions in 6 cm fine slices, in some salted boiling water blanched for 2 minutes and then drained.
Chuck the salmon patties in a pan on medium heat and cook it 4-6 minutes, turning occasionally.

Heat 125 ml of water and 125 ml of broth in a pot and add the package of Soba Noodles with the dried veggies. Cook 3 minutes until most of the water is gone, add the curry roux paste and stir fry the Noodles. Add the fresh carrot and spring onion and cut up some dill.  DONE

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