Saturday, 6 February 2016

Duck legs Confit

I bought some duck fat in a glass in France short before Christmas. It was still sitting in then fridge. My Saturday morning grocery shopping turned up some duck legs- surprise!

Duck legs with fresh salad

Preparing the duck legs isn´t very hard to do. I wanted to use the fat, so I melted it in a pan and put the seasoned legs in the fat. Duck Confit sounds so posh, but it is a super simple way to cook duck.  You just need some time and everything else is done in the pan, keep the heat low and turn the legs a couple of times. That takes at least 90 minutes.
Just work on an other project during the time, the duck legs confit.

Melting duck fat

The fat could be used to fry some potatoes, they get very tasty that way. But I just wanted some greens and peppers to go with the meat, so I dressed a little salad to the side.

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