Thursday, 11 February 2016

Frankfurter Rindswurst - beef sausage

I wanted something quick today and not a long time to spent at the stove. I bought some sausages a couple of days ago. Sausage for me is a kind of fast food without being of low quality and no need to order Take out. Get it with some salad and the meal is good to go.

Rindswurst - beef sausage

This is a specialty from the area where I live. And  not only a specialty but an institution. This type of sausage is old and a butcher in Frankfurt came up with the recipe in 1894 and their descendents in the 5th generation still produce it today. And it is sold everywhere. The Name is Gref-Völsing.

You either eat it with the skin on, that makes it a bit chewy or you strip off the skin and have a good mustard to go with it and a roll or piece of sourdough bread. The sausage meat is pure beef.
It goes great with a steaming potato, pea or lentil soup, too.

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