Thursday, 31 December 2015

Japanese Ramen

Ramen Noodle Miso Soup

I love this kind of soups, you need a good broth, some fresh veggies- what you have at home sitting around in the veggie drawer of your fridge- preferably an egg and a piece of Noori sheet for visual aid.

Ramen Noodle Miso Soup

On the meat or fish side you can use any piece you like- small leftover from a roast, a chicken breast or leg meat or a piece of salmon are lovely. Or buy a handful of ground beef and throw it in a pan season well and saute it off and chuck it in the soup.  Even a cup filled with lobster, prawns or mussels are welcome.   

Ramen Ingredients

800 ml chicken stock  (I used some leftover Guinea fowl broth from  X Mas)
1 heaped tbsp Misopaste
2 cloves of garlic grated
1 tbsp grates fresh ginger
150 g  cooked Gammon steak
2 large mushrooms
60 g celariac
1 boiled egg
2 spring onions
1 Noori sheat
100 g Ramen Noodles

Prepare the Noodles likes it says on the package.
Heat up the chicken stock and add the grated garlic and ginger and use a small sieve to put in the Misopaste and dissolve it in the broth.
Put the Gammon steak in to warm through for 3 to 5 minutes.
Chop up the veggies and cut the egg in half.
Get the meat out of the broth and cut it into slices.

Use a bowl and start with the Noodes and built everything on top. Pour the Miso soup through a sieve on top of the ingredients and dress with green onion bits.


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