Wednesday, 23 December 2015

BLA instead of BLT

Blood pudding or Blutwurst 
a BLA instead of BLT

An ingredient that splits the masses. You either love it or you hate it.
It is a rather pure kind of sausage, you see what´s inside and the rest is just pigs blood and spices.

Many countries have this kind of sausage, blood is the binding agent for bits and pieces and some ingredient to bulk it out. In Germany, there is no cereal added, in other countries the use of oats or barley is found.

I love the light smoked variety of the sausage and the longer is has the time to dry, the better.

The one I bought a couple of days ago was from a local farmer. 

Bloodpudding and baked apples sub

The idea of using it as meat in a sub/sandwich came to me on my way back home from work. Somebody was talking on the radio about sandwiches and the classic fillings like ham and cheese or BLT.

Since I had lettuce at home minus the bacon and the tomatoes I was thinking about an alternative.
I make a BLA = blood pudding, lettuce and apple

100 g smoked black pudding
1/2 redskin apple
1 tbsp spring onion greens
2 leaves of lettuce
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp malt vinegar
1 tsp creme fraiche
1 pinch of dried herbs
1 tbsp butter
1 white sub roll

Take the casing off the sausage and cut it into 0,5 cm rings. Slice the apple into
small wedges. Cut the green of the spring onion into rings.
Mix oil, creme fraiche, vinegar and mustard and season it with the dried herbs.
In a pan start with the butter, add the sausages and saute them for 2 minutes, add the apples and warm them through on both sides.

Construct the sub:
Open up the roll and put the dressing on both sides. Start with the lettuce, then the baked sausage and add the apples and onion rings. 

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