Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Food on the 24th

Christmas Food on Heiligabend, the 24th of December

This year we have 4 days to cook and enjoy great food. If it is the traditional food, I don`t think so.

Here in Germany we celebrate Christmas on the eve of the 24th. This is our day, when the family gets together and exchange presents and eats together.

Some just see it as a light dinner, because the cooks of the houses are mostly the women of the families, and to much work on a day like that is no fun. So preparing a potato salad and serving some sausages with it, is in many families a year long tradition.

In my family, we had a salad with herring and beets. After many years, we got rid of the tradition and have a complete meal on that eve.

The 25th is for the midday feast, many families have goose or turkey, others love venison or beef. First courses are soups mostly and with the meat several side dishes are served. A dessert is crowning the feast.
Often on the 26th families are joining others and some visit other members of the wider family. Anda new day of feasting starts again.

Toady's meal I prepared for my family was a sweet chestnut filled pork in a thick onion, garlic and chestnut gravy. Served with potato dumplings and tender stem broccoli in a cream sauce.      

Christmas Dinner

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