Saturday, 5 December 2015

Don´t underestimate the diversity of dumplings.


Austrian style apricot filled potato dumplings. You can eat them as a full meal or serve them as a sweet treat after a meal. Kids will love them, too.
I remember them from the summer holiday we had spent in the Villach region in Austria, when I was 12 years old. There was a big family restaurant, which served mostly specialties from Austria. And a full plate of sweet dumplings, what else would a child look for.

At home, my Mom made them every year during Apricot season and I was looking forward to them.
Now I am making them myself and still have the memories of my childhood, while enjoying them.

And following the apricot season in late August, the plum season starts with the plum filled dumplings.  I´m still not sure, which dumplings are my favorite ones.

1,2 kg floury potatoes
50 g Cornstarch
200-250 g plain flour
1 egg
1 tsp salt
1 kg apricots
15 sugar cubes
100 ml apricot brandy or peach liquor
300 g breadcrumbs
120 g butter
3 tsp cinnamon
1 cup vanilla custard
150 ml apple juice

Prepare the Potato Dough:
cook the potatoes in salted water until soft, drain them and push them through a potato ricer when still warm, let them cool and mix flour, starch, egg and salt .You cab make that the day ahead.

Prepare the Apricots:
for 12 dumplings pit 12 apricots and put a sugar cube dipped in apricot brandy inside.the rest of the apricots get pitted and cooked in apple juice with the rest of the brandy and some cinnamon.

Prepare the dumplings:
grab a piece of dough and flat it out in your hand, put an apricot inside and fold the dough over. roll to a ball.

Cook the dumplings and prepare the crumbs:
in 2 huge hots with salted boiling water, place the dumplings in an reduce the heat to a slow cook, when they float up, they need 20 minutes. Heat he butter in the pan and put in the breadcrumbs and cinnamon and brown it. When the dumplings are done, drain them and roll them in the breadcrumbs for a good coating. Serve with vanilla custard and apricot coulis.

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