Saturday, 26 December 2015

St.Stephen´s Day Waffles

St.Stephen´s Day or the 26th of December serving a light meal

The second Christmas Holiday to celebrate with the family. People meet their in-laws this day, the kids see their second half of the grandparents. Main thing today is eating- what else!

If you would see me now, we are in the middle of a extremely warm winter. I just came in from a walk in the sun and decided to clean my chair and table on the balcony and take my notebook outside to write the blog in the sun. The Thermometer beside me on the wall shows a nice 22 C in the sun. 

Many families go out and have a 2. Christmas Day Lunch in a Restaurant. Today is a heavy crowd day for the chefs and service people all over the places. To get a seat with many people needed an advanced reservation at least 4 weeks ago.

But I´m not a huge fan of this type of celebration. When the crowds hit the restaurants, often the quality of the food suffers. You have to wait long. It is noisy and crowded.

That is the reason why I hit the kitchen myself and prepare a lighter fare, then the last days.

I started my day with a Matcha Latte, something light and tasty. I found the idea on Pinterest. It looked so nice. Since all the ingredients were on hand, it was a fast start of a late morning.

Matcha Latte with tea whisk

100 ml hot water 80 C  ( boil it and let it cool down for 8 minutes)
1/2 tsp Matcha tee powder mixed with
1 tbsp cold water
200 ml Milk,  any kind you like or have on hand ( I used whole milk) make it hot and then take some kind of blender, whisk or cappuccino milk whisk to it and make a milk foam
1 tsp Agave  syrup can be added if you like it sweeter

Put the milk foam in a tall glass and use a spoon to pour the Matcha tea on top. It will make a lovely pattern in the glass.

Today on the menu is fish.

Salmon Parcel with creamy spinach

As a base I used the SortedFood recipe Salmon Parcel, puff pastry filled with a good piece of salmon under a layer of leek and cream cheese. It is not much to do and very tasty and a light meal compared to the last two days. A creamy spinach with shallots and garlic and lots of nutmeg was the only side dish. I love these creamy spinach dishes, you get them frozen with some added cream already, but a little upgrade wont hurt.
As a child and later until I left home, I hated spinach. The creamy variety came later and my Mom was shocked to find an empty package of spinach in my bin. That was when I came to like spinach as a great veggie for a quick meal.

As a dessert I served some waffles with yogurt and passion fruit. It is wonderful to dip the warm waffles in the creamy yogurt.

Waffles with Passion fruit yogurt

100 g sifted all purpose flour
100 g sugar
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
250 ml milk
100 g melted butter
3 beaten free range eggs

first mix the dry ingredients, in a 2.bowl mix the wet ingredients and bring them together. Let the mixture rest for 1 hour.

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