Monday, 21 March 2016

Linden Blossom Ice Cream

An other recipe from the cookbook with tea as a base for something delicious.

served with Belgium waffles

After 3 savoury recipes, this is the first sweet one. It takes some planning ahead, because you need to freeze your ice cream maker bowl for 24 hrs. before you start.  I have an old one that only works with creamy stuff, no granitas or slushes or sorbets. So I orderd a compressor ice cream maker online yesterday. It is time to make more of the cold stuff.

500 ml linden blossom tea (6 tea bags)
500 ml milk
100 white Kandis sugar rocks
6 egg yolks
25 g honey
4 tbsp Calvados

Start with making the tea and let it steep for 15 minutes.
Seperate 6 eggs, you only need the yolks.
In a big pot heat up the milk with the white sugar rocks until they are dissolved, when the milk is boiling pour in the tea. Get it off the heat and start beating in one egg yolk after the other .
Add the honey and the Calvados.
Let the liquid cool down pour it into the ice cream maker. It needs about 45 min, but it wont go solid, because the temperture was not down to 0 C. So pour it into a container and stick it in the freezer and after 30 min stir it and freeze it 2 x 30 min. more.

after 45 min in the ice cream maker

It is a great tasting honey flowery ice- more like a sorbet.
It reminds me of my many cups of linden blossom teas with honey when I have a cold. Maybe I will eat that ice cream again, when I have the nasty cold.

I will call it Cough and Cold ice cream

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