Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Chicken Kiew

Last week I had that dish during lunch hour at the office from a small restaurant near by. We saw a leaflet with Russian and Ukranian dishes.
Well "Advertisement is the right to choose" three of us wanted to give it a try. I had Chicken Kiew, the national dish of the Ukraine.


I received something that looked like a round granate, was heavily covered in coarse breadchunks and not easy to open- I waited for the boom when I stuck the knife in. Inside was a chicken roulade piece with a little herbed butter.The best of this dish were the roasted potatoes.
My dish was the best of all three and we decided to get rid of the leaflet and never order there again.

very juicy chicken breast
I diceded to make Chicken Kiew myself. I used the SortedFood recipe and I can tell you- it is a wonderful way to eat that chicken. I can highly recommend it.

2 chicken breasts without skin
60 g butter mixed with roasted garlic and herbs -
made the day or a couple of days before and fridge cold
salt and pepper
2 eggs
60 g flour
120 g bread crumbs the fine version
1 lemon zested into the breadcrumbs
150 ml oil

Breast OP
I served it with red cabbage (leftover from the filo pastry) and quinoa.

Stick a knife deep into the chicken breast at it thickest side, make a deep hole but do not cut through the skin. Stick in pieces of cold butter as much as the hole can take.
Season with salt and pepper and coat in flour, go though eggs and breadcrumbs and then again through eggs and breadcrumbs again. This should help that the butter wont leak out so easy.

Heat up the oven to 180 C and heat the oil in the pan. Fry off the breast until it gets colour on both sides and then transfer to the baking dish and stick into the oven for 15 to 20 min, depends on how thick the breasts are.

And reheated the next day, they still are juicy and delish!


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