Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Canadian Putine

I made a SortedFood recipe today, the Canadian Putine.

When you´ve read my blog about the Kimchi fries, you´ll know that I hate soggy fries. But I am still curious about foreign recipes and wanted to try it.
Last weekend, while I was looking for some storage space in my freezer, I found a bag of pork roast gravy. I had some meatloaf on the weekend and there was some tiny bit left.
Looking around the fridge a package of mini mozzarella balls was sitting of the shelf, I used the tomatoes for something else, so combining everything together sounded great. The squeaky cheese they use in Canada - cheese curds- are not available here in Germany. The only thing I bought was some celery.

I cut some thick fries and had them in the oil at 130 C for 4 min, got them out and cooled them down and then fried them again at 180 C for 90 seconds.
Reheated the gravy with the last of the meat pieces in and thrown everything together. The celery green is an addition Sorted did and it makes a tasty contrast to the dish. I loved it.

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