Thursday, 31 March 2016

Orange Buchteln

For the Easter meal we served an unusual kind of side dish. But the fluffy and soft dough is great for mopping up the Bechamel sauce with the chicken and the veggies. Stepping outside the everyday way to serve food, this is something I can recommend.

Buchteln is a specialty form the Bohemian part of Europe, but made everywhere  in central Europe, from Austria, Tschechien to Germany. It is an enriched yeasty dough and has some similarity to the French brioche.
Sometimes they are eaten as a sweet treat and each piece is filled with plum jam. That is so delicious.


350 g flour
20 g fresh yeast
120 ml milk
10 g sugar
1 pinch salt
1 tsp orange zest
80 g soft butter
2 eggs

Warm the milk with the sugar and the yeast until hand warm.
Use a kitchen machine and add the ingredients and the warm milk and knead for 10 min.

Let it rest for 30 min. On a floured surface cut off small balls and with your hands make flat rectangles,  roll them from the wide side and make a cut in the middle so you have two pieces.
Use a buttered baking dish and set them inside, leaning against each other. Let them rest 20 min, then make a milk paste and baste them.

3 tsp dried milk powder
2 tbsp water
Bake at 180 C 20 min

If there are any Buchteln left, just put them in a ziplock bag and eat them the next days. Just warm them in the microwave for 10 sec and spread some butter on top.

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