Saturday, 5 March 2016

Zatar Salmon with Fennel

The bulb of fennel was so huge and the piece of salmon as well , so I decided to have a no carb dinner.
I love the Zatar spice since I was in Jordan and try to combine it with many different ingredients.
On Salmon for the first time, but not for the last!

I didn´t want to slice the fennel with a knife so I pulled out the mandoline and grated the fennel bulb very fine. A huge amout of thin slices came out. I cut the onion the same way into long strips and only chopped the garlic and the spring onion.

300 g good quality salmon
350 g bulb of fennel
1 tbsp parsley
1/2 lemon juice
1 onion
1 spring onion
2 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp of creme fraiche
50 ml Noilly Prat
80 ml water
salt and pepper
olive oil
zatar, orange pepper and salt for the fish

Start with the fish and in an other pan start with onions and garlic. Add the fennel and start to saute it a bit. Season and add the Noilly Prat and a lid, cook for a couple of minutes and add the water and a bit of lemon juice. It will take a while until the fennel is soft enough. Add some lemon juice to the fish and keep an eye on it, so it stays flaky in the middle.

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