Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Kimchi Fries

Everybody is banging about Kimchi Fries in the US.
That was the reason why I made some Kimchi three weeks ago.

I am really not a fan to put anything on top of my fries, except some Mayo or Ketchup on the side and I hate it when someone serves them to me drowned in some sauce or covered up with some meat. That makes the fries soggy and I hate soggy fries.
So I think a Canadian Poutine would not be my first choice to eat my fries.

But I wanted to try that famous or infamous Kimchi fries. So here I am.

I cut my potatoes into thicker fries, that means they wont go soggy so easily, I hope. It takes a bit longer to fry them, I don´t care.

Some sesame seeds and a bit of mayo make this dish complete.

And hey Baby! It is as Delicious as everybody is banging about. It is enough Kimchi still in the fridge to have that a couple more times.

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