Sunday, 11 June 2017

Lemon Nana

This is a very refreshing drink from Jordan. I read about it in the travel book and did not see it anywhere. One of the first days of our round trip, we´ve been to an Oasis and had lunch there. The offered drinks were the usual softdrinks.
I asked a waiter for Lemon Nana, he look astonished, then said ok and went back into the kitchen. It took a while and he came back with a glass full of minty light yellowish liquid. I took a sip and was hooked. It became the signature drink of our group during our tour through Jordan.
It is now three years ago, that I travel there, but when summer comes here and the pots of mint on my balcony are in full swing, I remember it and prepare it often.

recipe for 1 liter:
1 untreated big lemon
1 bunch of mint leaves
1- 2 tbsp of agave syrup
400 ml bitter lemon
500 ml sparkling water

wash the lemon with hot water, wash the mint.
cut the lemon into quarters are peel out the pits
Use a strong stand mixer.
Chuck in the lemon quarters with the leaves without the stems of the mint and 1 tbsp of sugar
Blend and add 150 ml bitter lemon. Taste and eventually add more sugar.
Add the rest and give it a good mix.
Fill in a bottle and put in the fridge.
Shake well before serving.

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