Monday, 12 June 2017

Smoked Salmon Soup

This is a classic Thermomix recipe. Many of the commercial agents that sell these kitchen helpers prepare it, when they have a Thermomix party.  It is fast and tasty and shows how easy it is to cook with that machine.

The soup was one of the first I made myself when I bought my first Thermomix 18 years ago. Everybody loved the smooth creamy soup.

Today I have a friend here and I will show her how to prepare food in the machine. She loves to eat but does not cook a lot.
The soup popped into my mind, it is sooo good and great to show off. We are preparing it Lactose free

recipe for 4:
500 ml Lactose free whole milk
200 ml Lactose free double cream
3 cooked potatoes
1 clove of garlic
3 tbsp tomato paste
150 g smoked salmon - or stremel
fresh dill
salt and pepper

Get the clove of garlic in first and give it a good blitz, add milk, cream and potatoes and close the lid again.
Set the timer to 6 minutes, 100 C and power 3 and give it a go.
Cut up 2/3 of the salmon and chop the dill.
Put the salmon pieces and part of the dill in the Theromix, set 2 minutes, 100 C and power 3 and cook either with left turn to keep the pieces or blitz it up to  a creamy soup.
The rest of the salmon goes on top ot the soup with some fresh dill.

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