Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A Butcher´s Visit in Pierrefonds

I visited the huge castle of Pierrefonds yesterday. The original one was destroit in early wars and Napoleon III had it rebuilt as an medival castle in the middle of the 19th century.

It is the castle where the BBC TV series Merlin was shot for 5 years during the summer month.
Lots of Brits are visiting here, but it is a pity, you only see and read about the French history. No bits and pieces from the set are to be seen.
But it is wonderful to walk along the stairways and hallways and see all the different rooms.
Outside the castle walls is the small but very nice town of Pierrefonds. Old houses with lots of charm and many places just to sit an enjoy the views.
I read about Pierrefonds in the travel brochure and it recommended to visit the best butcher in town.
That I did!
I bought some fresh spiced pork sausage meat and a banger Mexican style and a banger with French herbs. Buying more without enough space in my small icebox was not a good idea, outside temperatures were at 33 C at 11 AM.

The pork meat went into some Sicilian style Pasta alla Nonna with white eggplant and tomato sauce, the banger made my lunch the next day.

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