Saturday, 24 June 2017

Salad with Prawns and beans

When you buy good quality beans it would be a pity to throw away the leftovers. I had 500 g of green beans cooked and used only 200 g for my dish yesterday. I cooked all od them so it was easy to prepare the salad today. I seeded the second tomato for my friend and put the pieces into the salad. A big and a small spring onion for more freshness and a box of precooked ready to eat prawns.
This combination rocked.

I visited the Chateau Chantilly today, famous for the castle surrounded by water and the large park and formal gardens. And famous for Creme Chantilly, a thick whipped cream.
Todays visit left me dissapointed, the huge formal gardens needed proper maintainance and the park was a bit unsatisfying too. I only saw 4 gardeners at work, mowing. I was looking for the kitchen or herb garden that was supposed to be there, not more.
The site opened at 10 AM and lots of busses unloaded tourists, there was nothing to get to drink or have a bit of ice cream or even Chantilly cream before noon or 1 PM. High entrance fees and low customer service are not a good recommondation.

I drove home and during that time I reminded me to buy some baguette and a little sweet treat for the afternoon. Going to the first or second bakery here in town, depending on where to park my car, was the decision I made ahead.
But 8 km before "home" I went into a small town, from one end to the other with speed limit 50kmh you need 90 seconds to pass. I saw many cars brake and stop and people getting out. A bakery!


I stopped too and went inside, number 3 in line and bought the best stuff I had this week! 5 people waited in line behind me. This small village is a part of the community of the town here and so I can finally say:  I found the best bakery in town!


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