Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Shelling Peas

I love peas and I love fresh ones still in their green pods.

As a child during my summer holidays at my grandma´s and aunts place I ate almost all the peas out of fresh pods of the plants. I could hide low behind the plants so my Grandma could not see from the kitchen window. I hid the empty pods in my pockets and dropped them on the compost later.
The next year the peas were on an other part of the garden and I needed more sneakiness to eat my fill.
Today I think she planted so many rows of peas that I had always enough when I visited there.

And I remember a holiday in Finland many years ago, were you found empty pea pods everywhere. The people loved their peas and ate them in parks, along rivers, on market places and in the wild nature. It did not take us long to buy a pound of pea pods daily and snacked on them during our trip through the south and the middle of Finland.

I served the lovely peas sauted with some onion in butter and fresh chives on rice and cornfed chicken breast.


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