Sunday, 18 June 2017

Foody vacation in France

I am in the Picardie, north east of Paris. I have rented a lovely old two story house in a village with 6000 inhabitants.  The house has a huge lovely garden. A bowl of fresh picked cherries from the tree here was offered me from the proprietress when I arrived.

I am here to see lots of old castles, cathedrals and WWI battlefields along the river Somme. The area here is called the plateau de Picard, it is a wide and flat plain with fields of potatoes and wheat. Tiny villages and small winding roads makes you slow down automatically.

Since I have a house, I have a kitchen. I just have to get used to cook on gas again, it will take a bit of time and maybe a burned finger.

Breakfast today was just Baguette fried in some butter in a pan, good strong cheese, an egg and a bowl with some cherries still sitting in it.

Lunch was mashed cheesy potatoes- from around here !  Sauteed leek and a piece of chicken leg.

I am looking forward to a bit of sweet stuff I bought in an artisan bakery here, a lime and basilic tarte with fresh strawberries.


  1. This got me hungry I swear.

    Only things that I know are baguette, and omelette du fromage

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  2. Actually I did say a lot more words in French, sacrableu